Sam Winchester Big Bang Art Masterpost: Creek Don't Rise

It's my first time at Sammy Big Bang and it's been a blast pairing with the incredible crowroad3! Here's my art for her gorgeous story "Creek Don't Rise". You oughta read it, it's exquisite.

Summary: a terrible flood, a magic ring, and a pair of doomed lovers (and that’s just the Winchesters). No, no, but still –there are things that water can’t wash away.

Excerpt: At five o clock on a Friday the wall of water broke from the lake, crashed over town and took with it two-thousand souls, more, left bodies identifiable only by birthmark, by approximate age, by shoe, by jewel (paste earrings, pendants, here and there rings, here and there engraved ‘til death do us part.)The storm gathered itself over Kansas, barreled east over the plains and hills, dumped its wrathwater in the Allegheny and rolled, sated, towards the sea.

crowroad3's Fic Masterpost

Tumblr Art Post